Senate committee discusses Marsy's law vote date

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You could be voting on possible changes to Marsy's Law sooner rather than later.

The Senate passed a House Resolution Wednesday that spells out changes to the state constitution that relate to Marsy's Law and would put the issue to voters this November.

But the Senate Appropriations Committee held a hearing Thursday morning on a House Bill that would put those changes to Marsy's Law on the primary ballot this June.
There is disagreement on the timing of that vote.

Sen. Raynold Nesiba says, "And now it looks like the Speaker of the House and others want to expedite this and move this to an election where 48% of people who are members of the Republcian Party are likely to show up, but 52% of the people , who are unlikely, who don't have primaries at the statewide level are unlikely to show up."

Rep. Mark Mickelson, the House Speaker, says, "To meet certain members' political dialogue, we could go along and have this problem continue or we could go ahead and solve them now. One of the issues in putting these kinds of things into the constitution is they're very hard to make adjustments to."

A representative from Marsy's Law also testified, saying they're in support of the amendment earlier rather than later.