Self-defense seminar teaches folks how to protect themselves at the Rally

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A group from Watertown was showing people how to protect themselves at the Rally on Saturday.

Fallout Shelter Ministries hosted a self-defense seminar at the CrossRoads Assembly of God Church.

Instructors demonstrated a number of things, including how to escape if someone grabbed you and how to avoid risky situations in general.

Head Instructor for Fallout Shelter Ministries Richard Ohm says, "I guess the keys to self-defense that we teach are first of all, don't lie to yourself. That means don't think you're stronger than you are, but also don't think you're weaker than you are. Anybody can defend themselves. I mean there's larger attackers and smaller attackers and crazy things that happen, but if you pay attention, you have some skills, and you're prepared to protect yourself, you can."

The head instructor says anytime you bring large masses of people together, the odds increase of a dangerous interaction happening.

He also says you should always pay attention to who and what is around you.