Second Annual Family Series kicks off at Performing Arts Center

"My Father's Dragon" brings to life parts of a book by children's author Ruth Stiles Gannett. Enchanted Theatre Company comes all the way from Philadelphia and says they're all about finding magical ways to bring the act of storytelling to children. A narrated storyline featuring talking animals , flying dragons and a clever boy on a journey to capture a captive baby dragon, this colorful show has a cast of 5 and is committed to entertaining children and so much more.

Rebecca Brissette, touring technical director for Enchantment Theatre Company says, "Opens up different parts of kids brains and gets them to experience a book in a different way rather than a movie, they get to see an actor come out on stage and put on a mask and transform into this character that they've read about."

The Performing Arts Center says in this year's family series, they have purposely sought out productions that will leave families and children with fun and enlightenment.

Nicolas Johnson, executive director of Performing Arts Center of Rapid City, says "All of the groups that we hire to be on this series, they have a goal of creating an educational message so they are very carefully chosen for that. It's entertaining but they have something to say."

My Father's Dragon is one of four events in the family series that will be playing for the next couple of months. To check out what is up next and ticket information, visit