Search and Rescue team urges safety while outdoors

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Summer in the Black Hills is prime time for hikers, bikers, and any other brave outdoor enthusiast.

"We want everybody to go out and have fun and adventure but safety is obviously one of our biggest concerns," said Tammy Stadel, team leader of the Pennington County Search and Rescue Team.

The team says summer is a time where they respond to a number of unfortunate calls.

"We see some climbing accidents, hiking accidents where somebody was out walking down a trail and they slid down a cliff or slid down a steep hillside and they can't get back up. Lost hikers, somebody got on the wrong trail or was kind of cutting through the woods and got lost of course is what we'll see this time of year," Stadel said.

They say a good resource one should use when participating in any of these activities and a tool they use to find people who go missing --- social media.

"They'll post something on social media that says where they've been and that's kind of how we can track down where folks are when they are missing is to go back through their social media profiles and see where they've been, kind of look at the photos that they've taken and kind of track back where they might be," Stadel continued.

In addition, simply notifying someone about your where you will be and when.

"Let people know where you're going, what you're doing. Kind of when you're planning on getting there and when you're planning on being home so that somebody can check in and make sure that everything is ok. that way if you do wind up getting hurt or something happens, they can send somebody out to look for you," she said.

With this weekend's incident at Mount Rushmore, it is unclear whether or not the individual was climbing and the Pennington County Sheriff's office says the investigation is still pending. If anyone has questions or interested in more about the Search and Rescue team, you can visit