"Scoop it forward" allows Spearfish ice cream shop to show the generosity of their community

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Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) Leone's Ice cream shop opened in November of 2014 and for owners Rebecca Williams and Hannah Leone they wanted to put an ice cream twist on Pay it forward.

Scoop it Forward at Leone's Ice Cream Shop is a sweet twist on the popular pay it forward trend. (KEVN)

Hannah Leone says, "Before we even opened we knew it was something we wanted to implement here at the Creamery and we are so excited that it has taken off because it's been such a joy at the shop."

The Scoop it forward chalkboard hanging in the store allows customers to anonymously purchase ice cream for a friend.

Rebecca Williams says, "When we started it only took up a portion of this chalkboard, we had our sundaes, other toppings and we quickly realized we needed to use the entire board."

Now with a fully stocked board customers aren't only flocking for some sweet treats.

"It is really fun. People who know about the board come into the shop they are immediately looking for their name."

It's not just a shot at free ice cream that separates Leone's but unique flavors and many in-store made toppings.

Leone " We kind of like to say that if we enjoy eating it will probably taste pretty good in ice cream and it's worked out pretty well so far for us."

Scoop it forward reflects the city it is rooted in and has inspired those who started it to do more to follow it.

"The scoop it forward board is a huge just a reflection of the community and how the Spearfish community embraces each other and taking care of each other."

"It just kind of inspires generosity, in general, I can't believe this has taken off the way it has. It's really nice to see and makes me want to do more in my life to give back in little ways

Managers of Leones’ Creamery talk of their ‘Scoop It Forward’ event located on 722 N. Main Street in Spearfish, SD. May 14, 2019.