School of Mines students show off projects at research symposium

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On Tuesday the Surbeck Center was full of promising projects at the 9th annual School of Mines Student Research Symposium.

Students were giving oral and poster presentations on multiple topics including robotics, engineering, and geology.

Ph.D. student Eric Schmid was presenting his research on reinforced composite foams, which he says could potentially be used to build space habitats so that NASA can construct outer space colonies.

School of Mines Ph.d student Eric Schmid says, "First off it's a good opportunity for us as students to practice our presentation skills and fine-tune our research presentations for if we go to bigger conferences across the country or even across the globe, but also it's actually a really good opportunity for us to visit with our fellow students and find out how their work is going."

Schmid also invites the community to the Nano Expo on Saturday April 14th from 1 to 3 P.M. at the School of Mines.