School Board approves last best offer to teachers

The Rapid City School Board met Monday evening and one of the items on their agenda was reaching a resolution on the new collective bargaining agreement for the 2017-2018 school year.

The School Board approved their last best offer to the teachers association. To date, the Rapid City School district and the teachers association have failed to come to an agreement on the contract for the school year in areas relating to teacher pay and insurance costs.

Some teachers will see a pay increase, but also an increase in insurance rates which could lead to teachers taking home less money in the long run. That has some people concerned.

Dana Livermont says, " I would say I'm disappointed, I feel bad that some of our teachers are moving forward especially as the cost of living is always increasing. But I would say most importantly our teachers come to work every day excited to do the job they have and to do what's right for kids and will continue to do that. We look forward to opening up negotiations again this year and hopefully we can have a better outcome."

Negotiations for next year's contract typically begin after the state legislative session.