Schaeffer family moving forward after execution

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The family of Donnivan Schaeffer says it's time for a new adjustment now.
That's after Charles Russell Rhines, the man convicted of murdering Donnivan at a Rapid City donut shop, was executed Monday in Sioux Falls, more than 27 years after the crime took place.

Peggy Schaeffer speaks out after Rhines execution

Peggy Schaeffer, Donnivan's mother, spoke after the execution Monday at the South Dakota State Penitentiary.
She says the death penalty finally being carried out started a new chapter in the family's lives.Peggy Schaeffer says, "Now we can finally start grieving. Now we are really going to miss this because at first you don't say their name. There is no reason, there is no future. You don't say his name. Then the telephone rings and that telephone will never be his voice at the other end of the line. Somebody comes through the driveway and comes through that door. It will never be him, it was never him coming through that door."

Schaeffer says there is no such thing as closure ... ever.
She says the only closure they got was when they closed Donnivan's casket.
She reflected on what she thought Donnivan would think about just how the process played out.

Schaeffer says Donnivan would have said, "Way to go guys. You did it. This is right, this is good, this is who we are. But we don't do it ourselves. We let the process work and we did and it works."

Schaeffer described the prosecutors in the case as magnificent people.