Scams following Hurricane Harvey and door to door scammers in Rapid City

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Once again, scammers are on the rise, this time using the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey.

The Rapid City Police Department says, unfortunately with any major disaster, we always end up with scams and people taking advantage of those wanting to help.
That's why you can't be fooled by scam artists that use names that sound like a charity and also know that almost always the charity won't contact you.
Most recently in Rapid City though, people have been experiencing a door to door salesman scammer.
Police say they're posing as a variety of different companies, looking to get your information and looking to be invited into your home.

Detective Nick Davis with the Rapid City Police Department, says, "But if someone shows up like that, don't let them into your house, you can talk to them out on your front step, that's fine, I would even recommend taking a step out onto your front step and closing the door behind you, obviously leaving it unlocked, but that way they can't, they don't really have the opportunity to see in your front door. The other thing is, don't give any credit card numbers, don't give social security numbers, anything like that to them. Ask for a business card, ask for a way that you can verify, that they're a legitimate company and then you can reach out to them in the future."

Detective Davis says they've had a couple of reports of this in Rapid City and the best way to deal with this type of scammer is shutting them down right away and not letting them inside your home.