Scammers bright idea: Target Black Hills Energy customers

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - If you're a Black Hills Energy customer the company has a warning for you about potential scammers who try to gain access to personal information.

Representatives from Black Hills Energy say there have been customer reports of late bill payment scams where the caller says that if the customer doesn't pay their service will be disconnected.

They have also had reports of callers saying that the customer has overpaid; and that they need their banking information for a refund.

They warn that the scammers even have ways to make the caller ID read as if the call was coming from Black Hills Energy.

Marsha Nichols, customer engagement manager for South Dakota Operations, says if you are not sure about the validity of the caller you should check it out.

"We would recommend that our customers double check with us, find out the status of any tech that's being dispatched to their address,” Nicols said. “If they have no reason to believe that their service would be disconnected, they should be suspicious, and we would caution them to double check with Black Hills Energy, contact the local authorities. These criminals are becoming very sophisticated in their means of trying to get customers' personal information and banking information."