Saul Crowe pleads not guilty to several charges after standoff on Halloween night

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He was being called Rapid City's most wanted fugitive by police in October, now 23-year old Saul Crowe of Rapid City has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges when he was arraigned in Seventh Circuit Court Monday morning.

Crowe pleaded not guilty to second degree burglary and impersonation to deceive a law enforcement officer from an incident that allegedly took place in September.
Crowe also pleaded not guilty to second degree kidnapping, possession of a controlled drug or substance, in this case meth, and resisting arrest from a standoff that took place on Halloween night.
The state earlier said that Crowe used his girlfriend as a human shield, and held her hostage during the standoff incident.
Crowe faces up to 37 years behind bars, if convicted of these charges, but that number could increase if the state can prove that Crowe is an habitual offender.
Crowe denied those allegations in court on Monday.
He is due back in court on December 11th and his attorney, Jamy Patterson said they might address his bond at that time.