Sailor reenlists to U.S. Navy, bringing his total service to 24 years

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One sailor promised to serve his country again on Friday night at Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood.

Christopher Peddycoart reenlisted for a five year tour with the U.S. Navy, which will bring his total years of service to 24 years.

He will be a culinary specialist aboard the USS South Dakota SSN 790 - a fast-attack submarine.

Christopher Peddycoart says, "The satisfaction that I have, not just for me anymore as a senior enlisted leader but it's about the sailors that I've trained, to watch them grow and turn into leaders themselves is so satisfying. It's just humbling and it's something that I love. I'm passionate about it."

Peddycoart says he's made a lot of sacrifices for his country and his family, but serving his country is well worth it.

He's also thankful to his friends, family, and Saloon No. 10 for being a part of his reenlistment.