Safety first for Central States Fair ahead of Friday opening

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Preparations for the Central States Fair are underway, with only days to go until its opening.

As carnival rides pop up on the fairgrounds, safety remains a key priority, especially after tragedy struck an Ohio fair earlier this month - injuring several and killing one.
Management with the Central States Fair says ride company, Carnival Americana, takes a week off prior to the Central States Fair to ensure safety for its customers and put them at ease.

Central States Fair General Manager Ron Jeffries said, "Every carnival in South Dakota is required to have an annual inspection of every ride. So Carnival Americana starts their run in Texas and do a Texas inspection. Throughout their route, they have various states that come back in and do state inspections as well. We get a copy of those inspection reports and we'll have them on file here. They're available at Carnival Americana headquarters here on grounds if you need to look at something."

Carnival Americana added five new rides this year to their fair variety.
The Central States Fair kicks off this Friday at 3:00 in the afternoon and will run until Sunday, August 27th.