SDSU student's sexual encounter recorded without consent

South Dakota State University student Sierra Burg warns that what happened to her, can happen to anyone. (KSFY)
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BROOKINGS, S.D. (KSFY) - A South Dakota State University student is coming forward after a man recorded a sexual encounter between the two of them without her consent. He then shared the video with friends on Snapchat. It made its way around the SDSU campus and then back to her.

Sierra Burg had no idea her sexual encounter was being recorded. Now she's doing what she can to warn people of this kind of thing happening.

This is the last thing Burg expected to happen during her first few weeks as a student at South Dakota State University. She made a video describing her situation after she learned the video was floating around.

"I guess he took a video of us this summer that I didn't know about and I didn't find out until later this September," Burg said.

The video was posted to a group on Snapchat and eventually made it back to one of her friends. Immediately she felt disgusted.

"Every time I hear his name I would see the video replaying and it just made me feel so uncomfortable," Burg said.

After finding out she went a whole month without speaking about the video to the man who recorded it.

"At first everyone was kind of upset about it. I never got an apology or anything from him. He never came forward to me," Burg said.

But then she texted him to confront him to get an apology. He's saying he's not sorry he got caught, but sorry he even did it.

"After posting the video I think I got what I wanted to get done because now people see him for what he really is which is all I wanted in the first place," Burg said.

KSFY News reached out to SDSU Police and the Brookings Police Department to see what one should do in this situation, but they didn't want to go on camera. They did say that recording a private sexual encounter is illegal in South Dakota.

"It seems like a girl's reputation always gets ruined in these things, but the guy's never do. They get to walk around like they're cool, and the girls get to walk around and they get shamed for it every day for something that they didn't even know," Burg said.

Burg said although she doesn't want to report the incident to police she thinks other girls in this situation should. She said she's gotten a lot of support from friends and family and says that this doesn't change how her college career is going to go.

South Dakota State University Police are aware of the video and they say they have provided the women with resources they may need to handle this situation.

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