SDSU looks to future with vision conferences

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They're looking for ways to improve life for Jackrabbits at South Dakota State University.

Officials with the university are developing a new strategic plan to present to the school's president by the end of the year.
To do that, conferences are being held at both the main campus in Brookings and at the University Center here in Rapid City.
Officials say talking with staff and students improves school engagement and brings out a number of priorities for the school to focus on.

SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs, Michaela Willis says, "A couple of priorities that we have heard a lot about are diverstiy and inclusion and equity. That seems to be really folding through all of the different conversations in that area seems to be a priority and just this idea that enhancing campus culture at SDSU."

The conference marked three of five vision conferences. The final two will be held at the SDSU campus.