SD GF&P unveils state-wide deer management plan

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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks unveiled a first-ever state-wide deer management plan.

The comprehensive plan includes how officials look to manage both mule and white tailed deer in South Dakota.
The 400-page document includes habitat management and how GF&P hopes to work with private land owners.

It also includes research objectives and deer hunting.
Close to 80 thousand people apply for a deer hunting license each year and officials outlined how they will include hunters' input.

John Kanta, with Game, Fish and Parks, said "There's a large number of folks that have an interest in hunting deer in South Dakota. We've got a number of opportunities. So, there's a huge demand for deer hunting in South Dakota and that, in our minds, demonstrates a big need to lay out our plans for how we're going to manage deer."

The plan is open for public comment through the middle of April.