SD Board of Regents brings town hall meeting to Rapid City

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The South Dakota Board of Regents held a town hall meeting in Rapid City on Thursday, the last of four they held across the state.

Representatives of the South Dakota Board of Regents were on hand discussing higher education.
The executive director says they want to spread the message from a recent economic impact study that was done on the six public universities in South Dakota.
That study shows those institutions generate about $2.7 billion of economic impact in our state every single year.
Regents were also discussing their efforts to achieve a statewide attainment goal of 65 percent of the jobs in South Dakota requiring some sort of post-secondary education by the year 2025.

South Dakota Board of Regents Executive Director, Mike Rush, says, "The Board of Regents has adopted that. It should be pointed out, the Board of Regents cannot accomplish that goal by themselves, it requires our other educational partners as well as an economic climate that tracks and keeps educated people here in South Dakota, because it doesn't do any good for us to educate people and then have them move out of the state."

Rush says one of the challenges as a pubic higher education system is funding and making it affordable to students in our state.
Rush says town hall meetings like the one held on Thursday are important because the public needs to hear what the six universities in South Dakota are doing as well as be able to give their own input to the regents.