SD Attorney General weighs in on the length of the Briley Piper case

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South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says cases like the Briley Piper case are taking up too much time in our legal system.
16 years after the being sentenced to death for the murder of Chester Allan Poage, Piper is still making his way through court.
Piper is currently on death row for the March 2000 murder of Poage.
This week, Fourth Circuit Judge Eric Strawn issued a certificate of probable cause after Piper claimed his constitutional rights were violated in a habeas corpus filing.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley, says, "I watch as attorney general the victim's family, communities, sit back patiently and watch and we need to do a better job in the criminal justice system to make sure that a defendant certainly has their rights, but also that there's justice for victims."

Jackley says he is doing his best to move forward with this case as well as other cases that he says are also taking too long in our legal system.