Rushmore Plaza Civic Center gears up for 60th annual Black Hills Stock Show

Generic horse stock photo: MGN
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The 60th annual Black Hills Stock Show returns and kicks off Friday.

Monday crews started setting up for the event. According to general manager Ron Jeffries, the pre-events this year are bigger than they have been in the past and some have even doubled in size.

Jeffries added that this is considered one of the biggest events in Rapid City and is the second largest in the state of South Dakota after the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

"Well this is a business conference if you will for cattlemen. This is where all of the cattleman come to improve their genetics and herds and produce beef for the entire world," said Jeffries "These people come here on business to find out how to expand their herd and it is held right at the time of year where even though it's winter outside it's right before calving season starts."

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