Rush Hope History Doesn't repeat Itself

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After the Rapid City Rush's big win over rival Colorado Saturday, Coach Mark DeSantis and company are stepping up the competition.

As Taylor Kauffman shows us, this week will test the team's skill level, its patience, and, if history is any indication, potentially, its spirit.

Nats *Binetti calling fight*

Jamie says, 'Saturday's game the talk of the ECHL community with the Rush squaring off against Tulsa in more ways than one.'

NATS *Binetti*

Joe says, 'There was a lot of emotion, it was a physical hockey game.'
NATS *Mark Binetti*
Mark says, 'For the guys that were here last year, they'll never forget that.

This... was last meeting between the Rush and Tulsa.
5 players were suspended for a combined 22 games, totaling 216 penalty minutes.
And tomorrow, they meet again.
Head Coach, Mark DeSantis knows that players have long memories, but hopes that 11 months apart have been enough, allowing the Rush to build off of the last win.

Mark says, 'Obviously we want to stand up for ourselves and each other, but our main goal is to go in there and have a good first period, and build off what we did on Saturday night.'

The Rush is going into tomorrow's game with a 3-9-and-1 record. Facing the Oilers that are 11-3-and-0 - leading the league with 22 points.
Both teams are coming off of a 1-game Win streak, where the Oilers have tallied 232 penalty minutes to the Rush's 139.

It's going to be a tough week for the Rapid City Rush... on the road for a two game match up against Tulsa, trying to look past last season's brawl and hopefully collect two more wins before heading to Allen to face the defending Kelly Cup Champions on Saturday. For Black Hills FOX Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman