Robbinsdale area hit hard after Friday's flash floods

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Thunderstorms hit Rapid City hard Friday night, leading to flash floods, property damage, and a busy night for the Rapid City Fire Department and surrounding agencies.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim spoke with several neighbors in the Robbinsdale area and took a look at the aftermath of the devastating storm.

"The flood started coming faster and faster. We saw pieces of the road come out and garbage cans coming down the street," Destiny Maples said.

On Friday night it rained 1.79 inches of water in downtown Rapid City, but for residents on the south side of town, it looked like much more.

"Parked cars were moving slightly from the water rush. I haven't seen anything like it ever, " Dominic Maples said.

The storm produced so much rain in a short time span that it couldn't drain fast enough... sweeping away this car into a retention pond at Robbinsdale Park and tearing up three to four foot sections of road on Fairlane Drive.

Devin Bach visited a friend on Fairlane when the rushing water pushed his car just 15 feet from its original parking spot, but chunks of broken asphalt crashed into his rear windshield and flooded his vehicle.

"We kind of noticed my car slowly skid into view. And we were like that wasn't there before. After kind of looking at my car a little bit, I noticed it was a little heavy on the back end of it and I'm like I think my back window might be broken," Devin Bach said.

The Rapid City Fire Department was busy, and between 6:20 and seven on Friday night, every fire apparatus and front line ambulance was in service.

"In a 24 hour period yesterday, the crew from A Shift of the Rapid City Fire Department did 62 calls so that's in 24 hours. Twenty-one of those calls were in a four hour period from six to 10 P.M. last night," Jim Bussell said, Public Information Officer, Rapid City Fire Department.

And within those 24 hours, the Fire Department responded to three structure fires, six different water rescue incidents, and a handful of EMS calls.

Although Bach's ride is out of commission, he says this ordeal is just a small hindrance.

"It's a car. Materialistic. Stuff happens and it's not the worst thing in the world that can happen," Devin Bach said.

The fire department advises everyone to be cautious when exploring flooded areas.