Robbinsdale Elementary receives generous donation from local church

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Over the holidays, Open Heart Church in Rapid City held a fundraiser -- aiming for $10 thousand dollars. They surpassed that goal, raising nearly 13 thousand.
Now they're using that money to give back to the community.

The Christmas Miracle Offering fundraiser allowed the church to give Robbinsdale Elementary a check for $4-thousand-4-hundred dollars.
South Middle and South Park Elementary will also be on the receiving end of donations.
With the new funding, Robbinsdale Elementary's principal hopes to help the students who might have a harder time dealing with their emotions.

'In a classroom, we want to create spaces where kids can and de-escalate and regulate and calm down. and Give them a safe place to be in the classroom.' says Beth Keeney, Principal

Keeney added that a donation like this shows that the teachers in this community are loved and respected -- and they are honored that the church reached out to them.