Robbery calls turns into a case of a man scammed

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It started out as a possible robbery call Thursday morning and turned into something quite a bit different.

Here's what Rapid City Police say happened.
They got the call to Sentinel Federal Credit Union on Triple Crown Drive for a report of a possible robbery.
Police say a man came to the drive thru, withdrew money and then sent the receipt to the teller with a note about a robbery and saying don't make any noise.
As it turns out the note to the teller was trying to alert them and the man was the victim of a scam, earlier getting a phone call from someone with a foreign accent saying they had kidnapped someone he knew and he had to wire them money for their release.
Police say they caught up with the man at the southside Walmart but not before he had wired the scammers what police would only call a "significant amount of money".
Police say if anyone wants you to quickly wire them money or send them gift cards, that should be a red flag.