Residents spent hours cleaning up after the blizzard

 Tanner and Felicity Thomas clearing off another one of their cars.
Tanner and Felicity Thomas clearing off another one of their cars. (KOTA)
Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 5:50 PM MST
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Snow fell throughout the Black Hills Saturday night leaving the community to dig out their cars in the morning.

Some residents like Tanner and Felicity Thomas spent an hour just digging out their parents' car.

"They actually just hit the road so, so we hope they are going to get home safely," said Tanner. "Yeah, they're headed to Billings Montana so they were also waiting on the interstates to be open and as soon as the interstates were open they were like yeah this is great and then we came out here and we realized, said Felicity. "The interstate may be open, but the parking lot might not be," said Tanner.

Over a foot of snow fell across Rapid City and crews weren't able to get everywhere in the morning, leaving people to do some crazy things to clear their roads.

"There was a guy rolling a tire down the hill. We don't know where he was going, but he had this big tire and just rolling down the hill," said Felicity.

And even crazier, the snowdrifts.

Without much support from city services or plow crews, one community of residents worked together.

"That's true that was actually pretty neat, it's a good way to meet the neighbors I guess. Everybody coming together to help get our cars unstuck," said Tanner. "Yeah cause usually you just pass each other and they are carrying their groceries back into their apartment or something, you say hi but you don't necessarily get to talk much or spend any time together," said Felicity.

And after the first blizzard of the season, these residents are now ready for anything.

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