Republican candidates voice what issues they'd tackle if elected state attorney general

Published: Mar. 24, 2018 at 9:07 PM MDT
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The race for State Attorney General is underway, and on Saturday in Deadwood, three Republican candidates spoke about the future of South Dakota.

People gathered at the Lodge at Deadwood for the Attorney General Forum... asking the candidates what qualifies them for the position.

John Fitzgerald, Jason Ravnsborg, and Lance Russell are all vying for the spot.

And we asked them what's the first issue they would address if elected attorney general.

John Fitzgerald says, "The drugs have kind of taken a toll on our most important institution which is the family. I've never seen the methamphetamine get quite so out of control as we're seeing today on a regular basis. It's not just here in Deadwood, but it's across the state."

Jason Ravnsborg says, "Sadly to say, we do have a drug problem. We've passed a law a few years ago. SB 70 followed by SB 73. I do not believe we should repeal the, but I do believe we should fix them. And I would do that by helping put back to work and by providing them rehabilitation. We also have to have the stick of enforcing a prison sentence upon someone."

Lance Russell says, "Number one is making sure South Dakota communities are safe. We've had a spike in violent crime. In fact in Sioux Falls, we are number two in the whole country right now for the increase over the last five years. It's up 80 percent for violent crimes in Sioux Falls, and we need to attack that."

The primary election will be June 5th to determine the Republican party's nominee for the November 6th attorney general election.

No Democratic candidates have formally declared for the position yet.