Republican candidate talks a mental health vision at Lincoln Day Dinner

RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN) - Pennington County Republican candidates running for state, local and federal positions were all in one place this evening for the annual Lincoln Day Dinner, some of them sharing their visions.

Among the many politicians in the room, we caught up with Attorney General Marty Jackley, who's in the 2018 South Dakota Governor's Race, and he says he's excited to be back home and conversing with the many friendly faces. A big part of Jackley's vision is getting mental health issues in South Dakota solved and that includes bringing a facility on this side of the state.

"I believe strongly that in South Dakota, we need a facility in western SD and eastern SD, something that the whole state has heard me talk about with the opioid manufacturer lawsuit that I filed. When those recoveries come in, I believe strongly that we need to have two state facilities and they need to be focused on mental illness and well as treatment of opioids and meth,", Jackley said.

Jackley said the ideal facility would be an opportunity for patients that have an addiction or mental illness to be properly identified and to seek proper treatment while getting the patients ready to step back into the community.