Repair shop opens encouraging people to do it themselves

Published: Mar. 31, 2018 at 8:09 PM MDT
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"Do It Yourself."

An expression owner Nathan Merriel hopes to promote with his new DIY Repair Shop.

"A couple of months ago, my spark plugs and my boots, they went bad on my car. I went down to the shop, it was $1200 for them to fix it. I'm just an average guy, 1200 bucks is a lot of money to come out of pocket for a quick fix," Merriel said.

Merriel said that was not his only downfall.

"I found the parts for 130 bucks and then it took me all of an hour of time and a YouTube video but it was cold as heck that day and I had to do it in my driveway," he continued.

After searching for spaces and not finding any in this area, Merriel and his wife decided to make it happen.

Spending under 30 dollars per hour in various packages, you get access to the entire shop and to tools like their

rotary screw air compressor, sandblast cabinets, parts washer, balancer --- everything except alignment equipment.

"This day in age there's so much technology and so much knowledge out there that anyone can really do it themselves, all they lack is the equipment and the tools they need it to do it and maybe even space," said Daniel Suehrstedt, the lead tech at DIY Repair Shop.

"You know doing your own repairs it gives you pride, a little bit of self-worth, it reminds you that you can do things," Merriel said.

Merriel said his journey to get this place up and running is a testament to just that.

"We just said you know let's do it, see how it goes and just kind of jump all in and giving it everything so hoping it works out," Merriel concludes.

Along with prizes for the shop's opening, this week at DIY, you can buy an hour at the shop and get one free.