Rep. Kristi Noem says the tax reform bill is a smart move for our generation

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Representative Kristi Noem says House Republicans introduced a tax reform package last week that she says will finally give people some breathing room.

Although congressional Republicans have moved forward with their plan to overhaul the nation's tax system by the end of the year, they still have a ways to go before it heads to the president's desk.
Noem says they are currently going through the Democrat amendments and they aren't happy with them.
She says she's looking for growth in the economy by getting people higher paying jobs and cutting rates to bring relief to their pocket books.
She says it's an ongoing debate and although they are trying to meet in the middle, she says the Democrats are only looking to cause the president to fail.

Rep. Kristi Noem says, "This is just not going to be bipartisan. They're not going to work together on something that's this important to our president, that's this important to our country and so that's why we just have to make sure that we're making the right decisions, making sure that we're putting families first, that we're putting the hardworking folks in this country first and make sure that the policy is solid, so that we go forward and really do grow our economy."

Noem says it's been 31 years since we did tax reform in this country and we have to stick to our principles.
She says she's been in tax reform meetings for years and she says the question people should be asking themselves is if they trust the government to make decisions about how to spend your money or if you should trust families to make those decisions.
She says if this bill is passed, people's paychecks will be bigger come January.
The House Ways and Means Committee voted 24-16 along party lines to send the measure to the full House.
Democrats say it's a tax bounty for the rich.