Rep Johnson: Border security needs to be done quickly

Rep. Dusty Johnson meets with Department of Homeland Security staff during his border visit this week.

TUCSON, Ariz. (KEVN) - South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson was at the U.S. – Mexican border this week on a fact-finding trip.

The congressman took a look at security measures, including a walk along sections of the border with Arizona where illegal immigrants can easily cross undetected. During his visit, he witnessed several apprehensions.

President Donald Trump wants to stem the tide of illegal crossings by building hundreds of miles of fencing along the border’s remote areas.

“This is an important national security issue,” Johnson said during an interview with KOLD TV. “We should be able to get it done quickly.”

Wednesday, Johnson and several other representatives were at the border to see a North Dakota company demonstrate how workers can erect 218 miles of border fencing “cheaply and quickly.” In the demonstration, Fisher Industries put up 200 feet of fencing in less than an hour.

While funding the border security plan ran into a congressional roadblock, the Trump Administration is still moving forward with it by taking existing funds from other departments such as the military and funneling the cash into Homeland Security.

The estimated cost of the project varies from as low as $5 billion to more than $50 billion. Fisher Industries claims it can do the 218-mile job for $3.3 billion. No contract has been awarded at the time of this post.