Regional Health hosts Wellness Fair in Spearfish

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Regional Health hosted their second annual Wellness lab at the Spearfish Rec and Aquatics Center this afternoon.

Worsley says, ' we have already doubled the number of folks that came out last year and found it valuable.'

Worsely says, ' We found that this was the perfect location to be able to do this event, and they were very anxious to have us back, as we both share the same philosophy of wellness.'

And for the physicians at Spearfish Regional being out of the office and still help those who need it is important to them.

Margaret Becker says, ' I think it's essential to be involved with the community. It's part of our commitment to the community, to engage, to offer our services find out what services are needed.'

Andrew Van Osdol says, ' Gives us a little bit more time to be candid with people, and realistically this is why we got into healthcare to meet with people and talk with them about their problems and if we can help with or not.'

Dr. VanOsdol held meetings during the wellness event for which he specializes in.

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VanOsdol says, ' What I do is bariatric surgery so weight management, weight loss stuff. So this is the ideal setting for this, the rec does have to offer, different ways to get out and do things with exercise.'

And its not just the indoor facilities at the Rec center where the people of Spearfish can begin a healthier life.

Becker says, 'We are also hoping there will be time for outdoor activities for people to run, walk, bike, take advantage of everything Spearfish has to offer.'

Worsley says, ' yeah we are hoping people can see through the snow and realize spring is just around the corner there are lots of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and place where we live.'

Regardless of what mother nature has planned for the hills one Dr has you covered for any outdoor activities to help you stay in shape.

VanOsdol says, ' With Spring coming up we try to get people to start gearing up for more outside getting off the treadmill, and getting on the trails. Getting on the sidewalks, and hopefully if the snow ever stops you can still do some snow shoeing or cross country skiing.'

Reporting in Spearfish, I'm Jeff Voss, Black Hills Fox News.