Red carpet welcomes LNI participants

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) The teams received a police escort -- and when they got off their buses and walked into the Civic Center, community members were lined up to offer high fives and warm wishes.
This is the third year the city has put on the red carpet welcome.
Officials say that relations between the Native community and Rapid City have improved since the LNI started in 1976 -- and to see the warm greetings today's players receive means a lot.

"You see the smile on all the kids faces when they came in and it wasn't something that they expect, coming down this red carpet and everyone giving them high fives. It was a very emotional time and happy time for our students," says Bryan Brewer

While Basketball is the popular draw -- Chess, Knowledge bowl, the Art Show, and Archery are some of the other activities that make L-N-I such a unique experience.