Red Cross Executive Director and others travel to help with hurricane relief

As Houston continues to pick up the pieces from Hurricane Harvey.
The Red Cross is continuing to send volunteers to help with recovery.

Red Cross Executive Director, Richard Smith, is preparing to deploy to Houston himself on Saturday to assist in the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort. Smith will be working directly with elected officials and is hopeful that the impact he will bring will be mutual.

Richard Smith, Red Cross Executive Director, says "We have disasters here. They're not hurricanes, they're smaller ones, but what we're able to do is then share resources so that we've got staff going down and volunteers going down and if something significant were to happen here then we get that same thing back from all the other places around the country to send volunteers up here to help us out."

Smith and several other volunteers who are traveling to other places in the West are only taking themselves and personal items.

Smith says, "The Red Cross likes to purchase supplies directly in those communities because then that puts that cashflow back into those communities, keeps people working, keeps that moving forward. Just a way to do some economic development while we're there and support those communities so they recover faster."

Smith also says that as volunteers are finishing up and moving out of the affected areas, there is always room for more volunteers and asks people to be mindful that they can help out on a national level but to be prepared for when disaster strikes locally as well.