Raw cookie dough is tempting but there are health concerns

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Who doesn't like comfort eating around the holiday season? It's the time of the year we bake all sorts of desserts, especially Christmas sugar cookies.

But the Centers for Disease and Prevention is urging people not to dig in before you pop the cookies in the oven, raw eggs and flour have the potential to cause sickness if not first heated to 375 degrees for around 9-11 minutes.

Julie Mahaffey the co-owner of Mary's Mountain Cookies in Rapid City, said "As far as eating cookie dough we all do it, we've all done it since we were kids, we did it at grandmas house, the chances of getting it are slim, but just like anything else to prevent it from happening don't eat the cookie dough."

Julie and her husband recently opened Mary's Mountains Cookies in Rapid City and they take extra precautions to keep the dough safe.