Rapid City woman trapped in basement apartment during Friday flash flood

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Friday night's flash floods tore up parts of Rapid City and put some people in dire situations.

Our reporter Katrina Lim talked with a woman who was trapped in her basement apartment because of the flood's rushing water.

"Oh my God! That's all I kept saying was Oh my God! I can't get out! Oh my God!"

That's what Jacquie Trople was thinking as water rapidly filled her basement apartment on Friday.

Jacquie Trople says, "I grabbed my phone and my purse and I tried to get out the door. The door was jammed. It wouldn't open. I kept pulling and pulling and pulling and then I called 911."

Before the fire department arrived, Trople was able to escape by crawling out the middle section of her screen door.

Jacquie Trople says, "I can swim, but everybody has that fear of being trapped and that's how I felt. I felt I was trapped."

The water level rose to three feet in her apartment, damaging many of her belongings.

She says she lost at least $1,000 in paper and quilling supplies alone.

Jacquie Trople says, "Plus my personal property in there. My chair, my seats, my tv stand, my table, my bed, and my dresses. All that stuff."

Today, Trople says she's happy she and her pet cat Rudy got out safely and says she'll file a flood insurance claim on Monday.

Jacquie Trople says, "That's about it. I'm taking it day by day because that's what you do."