Rapid City searching for solutions to flooding problems

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The City of Rapid City is exploring options for how to lessen the impacts of flooding in town.

A team from Sperlich Consulting, Inc. analyzed the Robbinsdale Park area as well as surrounding areas.

They suggested enlarging retention ponds to be more accessible for maintenance, re-studying existing drainage basin designs, and creating a computer model of the city's drainage so they can see how everything works together.

However, the city says funding is limited, and any type of improvement plans will take time.

"There won't be any solutions that we'll know of in any short amount of time. It's going to take months if not over a year to try to decide what to do, where to do it, and how much to spend," Dale Tech said, Public Works Director, the city of Rapid City.

The Public Works Committee encourages homeowners to be accountable as well by considering the landscaping of their home and having flood insurance.