Rapid City releases report on road conditions

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Rapid City has just over 400 miles of paved roads, and Thursday, a report on the state of those roads was released by the city. The evaluation was done by Rapid City Public Works engineers driving over every mile of those Rapid City roads.

The engineers do the evaluation every two years. 32% of the roads were rated as "like new" or "excellent" and 49% were rated as "good" or "very good." On the other end, 10% fell in the "poor" or "very poor" category. Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says establishing goals is important to improve things.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says, "What should the goal be? That's my point here. Should the goal be we should eliminate the 3% over five years, we should shrink the poor to 5%, we should shrink the fair to some percent. The council is wanting to take this issue on, but this should not be taken on politically, it should be taken on strategically, knowing the funding mechanisms that we have available."

Most roads rated as "poor" or "very poor" were in very small stretches. One was 7th Street between Saint Joseph and Apolda Streets. Roads rated as "excellent" or "like new" included Kansas City Street, between East Boulevard and West Boulevard, and New York Street, between North Maple Avenue and North LaCrosse Street.