Rapid City proclaims 107-year-old Vivian Grover a day to herself

Born in 1911, Vivian Grover has been alive during the titanic sinking, the start of WWI, the fall of the Russian Empire and the invention of the pop-up toaster. In her honor, the City declared today as Vivian Grover Day in the community. It reads in part that she is a rare individual and pointed out that she spent her teen years in the roaring twenties, lived through the television age and the construction of our own Mount Rushmore. She shared with us her secret to living to see 107 and says she is so grateful for her celebration Saturday.

Vivian Grover, 107, says "Well loving people, hard work, and trying to behave myself. Unbelievable. I'm very thankful and grateful to all of them that did this."

Grover was born in Minnesota but has been in the Black Hills since 1931 and spent several years working for the City's finance department. She says her life has been wonderful and her friends and family who joined today all said the same.