Rapid City leaders declare support for Attendance Awareness Month

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Rapid City leaders made a proclamation Wednesday indicating the importance of school attendance.

September is Rapid City Area Schools Attendance Awareness Month, a time to remind and encourage students to be in school on time, every day, ready to learn.

City leaders say research indicates that lack of attendance is a major indicator for students eventually dropping out of school.
And Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says attendance is one of the main issues students and families view as a challenge.

Allender says, "Starting today and on into the nine months of school, we'll see those challenges come about, whether it's weather, whether it's poor performance and those things that are kind of de-motivating for students and so we need to attack those things together as a team, together as a community, to really find out how to keep the most kids in school for the most amount of time."

Allender says good attendance leads to a better community, better jobs, a better economy and overall better futures for all involved.