Rapid City joins in nationwide protest

Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) All across America including here in Rapid City, vigils were being held to protest what organizers call inhumane conditions faced by migrants.

Rapid City joins in a nationwide protest

Indivisible Rapid City and Democracy in Action hosted tonight's vigil and despite Rapid City being more than a thousand miles away from the border, organizers say those here in the Black Hills should still care about what's happening at America's southern border.
Around 50 community members came out to Memorial Park tonight to listen to speakers and hold signs of protest.

"We should care. I mean we are all human beings, it doesn't matter where we are from or any of that kind of stuff. They should still be treated with some sort of dignity and have their basic needs met and they aren't." Lori Miller

The event concluded around dusk with a candle light vigil for the lives lost at the border and those still being held.