Rapid City commission sponsors first amendment for land use

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The city's Long Range Planning Commission is sponsoring its first amendment for Plan Rapid City. It's not a done deal yet, but on Monday night, it was considered by Rapid City Council.

Rapid City Council hears first amendment from the Long Range Planning Commission for Plan Rapid City. (KEVN)

The comprehensive plan recommends that the city periodically review, update, and make changes in response to things happening in the community.

For this update, the commission looked at zoning designations and what future land use categories were appropriate for each of them. The plan would add new secondary zoning districts, supposedly making it simpler for developers to plan and create. It would also change the future land use designations for 33 locations throughout the city, to solidify the use for certain areas and fix areas where there are discrepancies.

The city would also add Urban Commercial, as a new zoning district designation.

"When the comp plan was adopted in 2014, we did certain things to figure out the future land use for an area. Well, sometimes things go differently. You've got development that happens in a more residential manner or a more commercial manner so when those things happen, we need to react appropriately," said Rapid City's Long Range Planner Kelly Brennan.

City council decided to continue the amendment so that they can clarify a few things with a property owner who was not present at the meeting and see how to designate land use moving forward. It will be continued until August 20.

City council also denied a request from BPRushmore, LLC to eliminate requirements to make subdivision infrastructure improvements for Fox and Berglund Roads in Rapid City.

The vote was 6 to 4 to deny the request of eliminating original requirements that the city council previously approved in 2007.

Some neighbors in the area said that they would like to see the project completed as planned. They see it as pending road enhancements will be brought up to code. Curb, gutter, sewer and water updates would provide protection to the residents and promote reliability for all of the IGT subdivision residents currently and in the future.