Rapid City celebrates longest day of the year with Make Music Black Hills

Published: Jun. 21, 2017 at 4:50 PM MDT
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It's the longest day of the year, also known as summer solstice.

Rapid City was celebrating with a day full of music and art with the 2nd Annual Make Music Black Hills.

750 cities around the world are celebrating the love of music, art and the summer season.

Rapid City is one of those cities celebrating Make Music Black Hills.

Make Music Day started in France and is now celebrated on the same day worldwide.

Rapid City took part in the celebration again this year with 15 venues and more than 50 performances, bringing arts and music to the streets.

GiGi Lage, Executive Director Allied Arts Fund, says, "People that normally do not know what's available here in Rapid City for our arts are able to come and celebrate all day long on the sidewalks."

And Make Music Black Hills is drumming up interest in our area.

Lage says, "Visitors from overseas have gone on to the website for Make Music Day and have seen the Black Hills as one of those cities celebrating and so they're able to know that the Black Hills are a part of this international celebration, so it's a huge global scale for us and it just puts us on the map."

With a wide variety of art and music, Make Music Black Hills has it all.

Kyle Lambert is known to most as a certified public accountant, but has a hobby of playing heavy metal guitar.

And after playing at last year's event, Kyle knew he wanted to play again this year.

Kyle Lambert, Participating musician, says, "You know, I was watching some kids walk by and they stopped in their tracks, so they probably never heard, you know, a guitar, heavy metal guitar being played before, different kinds of solos and things like that and so when I asked GiGi, I said I want to play Main Street Square, because I knew there was going to be kids there and if I can inspire one kid to maybe think about playing the guitar, then my job is done."