Rapid City celebrates National Ice Cream Day

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Rapid City, SD Not that anyone needs an excuse for America's favorite dessert ... but a cool treat on a hot day is just what a person needs and it just so happens to also be National Ice Cream day.

Michelle Pulling, owner of Silver Linings Creamery says, "It was just one of those things .. downtown needs ice cream. Everybody loves ice cream so we went into the ice cream business."

Silver Linings has been serving up their frozen delicacy for four years now and Sunday was a day dedicated to businesses just like them.

Pulling says,"Today being national ice cream day, if you come in and mention that its national ice cream day, you get a free waffle cone. We are giving a way free waffle cones with any scoop purchase."

Silver Linings is known for their unique flavors that customers just can't help but sample.

Pulling says, "We have done some really crazy flavors. Some of them we have done just because people have asked us to do some flavors. We've done flavors such as ranch, it was one of those hook ones where I don't know if we really had anyone buy it but a lot of sampling. We did a dill pickle which seems really odd but we had a lot of people love our dill pickle."

But most people say their favorites are more traditional ...

Various ice cream lover say,
What's your favorite?
"Cookies and Cream"
"Mine is also cookies and cream."

"Black Cherry"
"Cookie dough"
"Vanilla, because its plain."

"Root beer."
" Mine is chocolate"
"Mine is strawberry."
"Mine is cherry."

And once you have decided on your flavor the hardest decision is ..

With more the hot summer days... the creamery goes through a LOT of ice cream.

Pulling says, "Its crazy, hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of gallons and this time of year its our busiest season not just for us but our whole sale market."

Silver Linings has one message this National Ice Cream Day ...

Pulling says, "We want people to just enjoy this day and enjoy the ice cream and get that little silver lining."

Ice cream enthusiast say, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream."

President Ronald Reagan dedicated the month of July as National Ice Cream month back in 1984 -- and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.