Rapid City asks residents to fill out survey to prioritize programs and services

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Would you put more money into police and fire or street repairs and road maintenance? How about parks and rec or arts and culture?

Those are some of the questions the city of Rapid City wants citizens to answer in a new survey.

The survey asks residents to rank certain programs and services.

The city's budget analyst says sales tax is one of Rapid City's primary revenue sources, but it fluctuates too much.

The survey also asks if citizens would consider balancing the city's budget by increasing taxes, reducing the amount of services provided, or privatizing them.

City Budget Analyst Sean Kurbanov says, "What we are trying to achieve here is to get another validation point from citizens to help us identify how those seven goals are actually ranked based on the priorities or preferences that will be revealed through this survey."

The results from the survey will help with the 2019 budget development process.

The city will mail out physical surveys to 3,000 randomly-selected residents.

You can also fill out the survey on rcgov.org starting November 14th and closing on December 22nd.