Rapid City appeal goes before South Dakota Supreme Court

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The City of Rapid City's battle with Big Sky, LLC went before the South Dakota Supreme Court Tuesday morning.
The city and Big Sky have been in court for years over the roads in the Big Sky Subdivision east of Elk Vale Road.

The city's appeal to the State Supreme Court stems from a jury verdict in February of last year over the city's quest for damages that went in favor of Big Sky.
The city is appealing the verdict on eight issues, including whether Big Sky and developer Doyle Estes were liable to the City of Rapid City as a matter of law.
Big Sky attorney Donald Porter argued that the city showed no evidence at trial that it had suffered any damages since the city had not fixed the roads.
Representing the city, attorney John Nooney argued that the roads were completed in 2000 and the city has never issued a letter of acceptance for the roads.
The court will issue its ruling sometime in the future.