Is Rapid City's airport too small for increased passengers?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - With non-stop flights around the United States, the ever-growing Rapid City Regional Airport is breaking records with this year's numbers.

Plane getting ready to take off at the airport.

"The year to date we are up to 190,000 in enplanements. So we are seeing a record first part of the year as well, we had a record first quarter, a record second quarter," says Dame. "So the whole first half of the year that we're seeing year over year is a record putting us at roughly 12 percent increase every year."

With the yearly increase of passengers, is regional airport too small?

Jared Harrison flew into the airport for the first time and was in shock.

"I thought it was kinda small and on the smaller side," says Harrison.

But is convenient instead of driving to Denver.

"You know larger airports and everything, a lot more traffic coming in to the area. Again the tourists industry out here is pretty big," says Harrison. "So I think that in my mind will only help the city grow and expand and bring people in."

The billion dollar city is out growing the million dollar airport and future plans for remodel and construction are about to be put into place.

The escalator at the airport has been used so much that it has been around the world three times and is also one of the first things to be remodeled.

"We are working with the FAA to seek funding on a several phase project over the next couple years to upgrade portions of the terminal and upgrade portions of our primary infrastructure," says Dame.