Rapid City YMCA launches new 24 hour access

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Rapid City Just in time to fulfill those new years resolutions, YMCA is kicking off the new year with 24 hour access to their facilities.

The YMCA here in Rapid City is starting Night Owl access for those that like to get healthy a little later in the evening.

YMCA members will have access to a door into their fitness area 24 hours a day and others can purchase a Night OWL only membership and workout after 10pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends.

Roger Gallimore, Rapid City YMCA CEO says, "This comes at a great time of year. People are starting to think about their health, thinking about resolutions and such. The fact is a lot of people work a lot of odd different hours and this gives them an opportunity to get in and get their workout in."

Gallimore says this decision has come from a lot of guest requests and will roll out January 2nd.