Rapid City Trump Shop vandalized again

Rapid City Trump Shop vandalized
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Vandals hit the Trump Shop in Baken Park in Rapid City again overnight.

The managers of the shop says the flags on the outside of the building were spray painted over sometime after about ten Thursday night.
They say they've had about 25 incidents since they opened, about five serious enough to call the police.
And they say with President Trump set to visit the Black hills next week, the incidents have become more frequent and more serious.

Trump Shop co-manager Ryan Flanagan says, "It seems like they're ramping up their violence towards us also. They are actually starting to come to our shop and tell us that they want to burn it down. I think we have to take the threats seriously that are coming when people tell us they're going to throw Molotov cocktails through our windows and burn our building down, that we should absolutely take those threats seriously." >

Flanagan says he understands that protesters have a right to express themselves but says we're a lot better than this here in South Dakota and says we need to keep things peaceful.