Rapid City Regional Airport looking to improve baggage handling process

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The Rapid City Regional Airport is working on a behind the scenes project.

During a meeting on Tuesday, the airport's board of directors discussed improving baggage operations by creating an in-line baggage system.

The airport's executive director says this new system would help streamline the baggaging process and make it more efficient.

Rapid City Regional Airport Executive Director Patrick Dame says, "An in-line baggage system, it consolidates the TSA screening equipment into one location. You drop your bag off, they weigh it, they put it back on a belt, much like you'd see at a major airport. It goes back into a common screening room. From that location then goes back to a carousel where those bags cue for the airlines to be able to pick them up."

The board also talked about consolidating the up and down escalators, the elevators, and the stairs into one central location so they're easier for customers to find.