Rapid City Public Library releases key 2017 numbers

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The Rapid City Public Library has released its numbers in several key categories for 2017. It turned out to be a year with more increases than decreases.

The Library Board of Trustees discussed those numbers Monday. The total number of people stopping in the library decreased, which the library blames mostly on remodeling in early 2017. When that was finished by the third quarter of the year, they say there were increasing numbers. Despite the 8% overall decrease from 2016 to 2017, there were still increases in other key areas. The library had gains in physical and digital circulation, computer use, and attendance at events they host.

Outreach Services Coordinator Laurinda Tapper says, "We had 1681 more people sign up for library cards this year, and we actually had more people asking for reference information. We had about over 80,000 computer hours used this year, and people were coming for events and classes. We had over a 29% increase in attendance for people coming to the programs that we offer here."

Tapper says that a big focus in 2018 will be on interacting with people from the community and trying to improve literacy.