Rapid City Public Library hosts first ever crossword tournment

Folks from the community were putting their brains to the test and their pencils to the puzzles as the Downtown Rapid City Public Library hosted its first ever Crossword Puzzle Tournament with the help from a special crossword legend.

The tournament consisted of four puzzles with the last being a final death round leaving three winning finalists.
Programming Librarian Janet Parr says with this being the first time the library has done an activity like this, her first thought was where to get the puzzles from and she reached out to someone at the top of the crossword world and fortunately he answered her call.

Janet Parr, programming librarian says "and that was Will Shortz who is the NY Times Crossword Puzzle editor. He was very gracious he said sure you know I do this for various fundraisers in my hometown and so he provided the four puzzles to us and those are unfinished puzzles that won't go into the NY Times until the next week. "

Will Shortz has been spearheading Crossword Puzzle Tournaments since the 70s having much success which Parr says she hopes to mirror with the library's own tournament in the future.The grand prize winner for today's tournament received a gift card from Who's Hobby!